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A big thanks to the team at FedBiz Access for making our Capability Statement really jump off the page at you! They really went the extra mile and made sure the finished product was nothing short of exactly what we wanted and needed. I have already passed their information along to other colleagues in government contracting as a result. Keep up the great work FedBiz Access!
Tech Comp Inc.
I own and operate Manigault Construction Inc. in Maryland. I was interested in getting started in Government Contracting so I came to FedBiz Access to help me with the CCR to SAM Migration. Not only did they get my registration processed quickly, but I decided to get a Capability Statement as well. The results we’re amazing – and they even designed my new logo! I can’t thank them enough!
Manigault Construction
I would like to thank your sales, marketing, and processing teams for all your help with this project. FedBiz Access is a great company that offers top-notch, superior customer service. The knowledge that you have regarding the GSA contract process is phenomenal and I could never even have gotten as far as I got without you and your expertise. Your relationship with the federal contracting officer(s) is also a plus as you can get things accomplished because of this relationship. Again, thanks for all your help and assistance!
Crisis Prevention Institute
Recd PW reset email, reset for her and when I logged in the D&B update refreshed to show a new company name – emailed to her to verify before we move forward KRW 2/21/17 3:06PM
Through Matchmaker, a client was informed by a Department of Energy Contracting Officer that they will keep an eye on whether or not the existing contract will be re-competed, and she’ll keep their Capability Statement on file for future requests.
Through Matchmaker, a client was invited to come and present to the Army Corps of Engineers.
Through Matchmaker, one of our clients was invited by an Army Contracting Officer to bid on a solicitation (1 of 4 Matchmaker emails received by the client that day).
Through Matchmaker, a Prime Contractor with 10 years of DLA contracts told our client they’d love to work with them as a subcontractor, and provided them with the correct point of contact at the company for becoming a sub.
Through Matchmaker, one of our clients got added to a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) List with the Navy.
"In my years as a federal contracting officer, I learned invaluable lessons about what it takes for businesses to succeed in the federal market."I believe success requires a foundation that is equal parts business and relationships. In other words, you must have both a strong commercial business and have developed strong relationships with key people in the federal market before you can enjoy consistent and sustained success as a federal contractor."For these reasons, I wholly endorse the FedBiz Access Matchmaker concept."FedBiz Access focuses on making sure your company is prepared to engage, then assists you through each step of identifying your target audience and cultivating the right relationships with the right people."I believe in this process so much, I am now partnering with FedBiz Access to assist clients in turning these valuable contacts into valuable contracts."
John Taylor
Former Federal Contracting Officer
The team was fantastic and FedBiz Access made the SAM registration process seamless for us! They were attentive and easy to work with. I would recommend their services without hesitation.
Michelle W.
FedBiz Access helped us transfer our CCR account into SAM after Hurricane Sandy hit, which allowed us to concentrate on getting our office cleaned up and ready for daily operations. They were very attentive and expedited our account. I can’t thank them enough.
Tri State Industrial
A big thanks to the team at FedBiz Access for making our Capability Statement really jump off the page at you! They really went the extra mile and made sure the finished product was nothing short of exactly what we wanted and needed. I have already passed their information along to other colleagues in government contracting as a result. Keep up the great work FedBiz Access!
Tech Comp Inc.
I wish to thank you and your company for completing my SAM registration. You were very helpful, simplified the submission process tremendously, and completed the registration in a very timely and efficient manner. Thank you.
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
It is my pleasure to endorse the professional services and great customer care associated with FedBiz Access. Through the development of my Capability Statement, I was sincerely impressed with their “get it done” attitude without regard for time or ordinary work limitations. Without question, they lived up to their promises and provided the highest standards of customer care and quality service on my different requests. Additionally, they are friendly, professional, responsive, knowledgeable and sincerely concerned with customer satisfaction. They have my strongest endorsement in recommending their services to any government contractor.
Visionary Strategic Consulting
Thanks for your assistance and efficiency. I had been told that the process, if I tried to do it myself, could take 10 -12 hours (as my original application did last year). I consider your cost to absolutely be “worth it” for efficiently working through the SAM program.Thanks again!
Tomek Sports, Inc.
I strongly recommend FedBiz Access when updating SAM. Using FedBiz Access was painless and they were fast! Well worth the cost and the time saved. FedBiz Access did a great job!! A+ guys…thank you so much!
InfoGuys, LLC
We are happy with the services provided by you for registering our company in the SAM database. More so, in view of the different time zones we are in. We value the support provided by your company.
Emirates Ship Investment Company LLC
FedBiz Access made the SAM registration process very easy. As the old saying goes: Time is Money. And I believe FedBiz Access saved us money by avoiding the time of attempting to complete the registration process on our own. I would recommend FedBiz Access services to any business that needs to register in SAM!
QSI Consulting
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how excited I am. This is one of many things we love about FedBiz Access – your professionalism. With the greatest respect for the excellent work that you and your team do.
TelDan Communications
Thank you for your assistance in getting our SAM registration up and running! The process was very straight forward and painless. Thank you for saving me the headache of having to deal with this on my own!
IANS Research
Service was excellent, expeditious, beyond reproach.
Bailus Walker
We applied through FedBiz Access for our GSA Schedule. At first, we thought it was just another random sales call. I had the opportunity to work with the sales and processing teams; they were all awesome and up front. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family. Thanks so much for helping us get our GSA Schedule!
American Loan Masters, Inc.
I am deeply impressed by the work that the FedBiz Access team has done for me. I believe we can take it to the next level. Thank you so much!
Marti Mac Enterprises
In regards to FedBiz Access specifically, we want to state in no uncertain terms that Architext, Inc. has been very pleased with your organization’s overall performance…we would have no hesitation whatsoever in having your team run our campaign once again…your staff’s level of professionalism and customer service towards Architext has been in a word…amazing. They’ve always taken time out of their day to speak with us directly whenever we had questions and their response time to our telephone/e-mail messages have been exemplary. Their unprovoked follow-up e-mails and v-mails to any of our conversations or written exchanges have always been outstanding and it is our sincere hope that they receive whatever kudos/compensation that may be available to them. They are all keepers!
Architext, Inc.
Thank you so much for your support in updating our SAM record. It helped us very much!
Kitamura Shokal Co. Ltd.
I Love It!!! It’s perfect, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Kounty Cleaners
GOOD NEWS!!! Looks like we are finally in the SAM system. YEAH! Thank you very much for all of your assistance during this process.
CheyTac USA, LLC
Now I can really celebrate the news with your verification! Thank you so much for all the assistance you have given to me during this process!
Borough of Fort Lee
Thank you very much for your assistance. Once again thank you and may GOD bless you abundantly.
Tanzania Red Cross Society
Big Thanks! I just wanted to communicate my appreciation to you again about the wonderful job your team did with this “ground breaking” bid!
MSA Trans/Flypoint Logistics, Inc.
You have been amazing!! Thank you for all the work you did on this!! I know it was not easy and I could not have done it on my own!! Thank you!!!
I really enjoyed working with the FedBiz Access team on our company GSA Schedule IT -70 Contract. They came in with the expertise needed to complete our schedule on time and with great passion. They had our best interest in mind at all times. During the contract negotiation was really when I saw what they are made of. They know their stuff and I am really thankful that FedBiz Access was assigned to complete our company’s schedule. I will hire them again in an instant and highly recommend that you do if you need GSA Schedule work and FBA’s expertise.
Smarthost Design Technologies