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Matchmaker Strategy

We take the guesswork out of winning Government Contracts

The fastest, easiest way to get connected to Prime Contractors and Contracting Officers.

Trusted by small businesses and some of the world's largest companies. We reduce time and money investments while increasing the chances of winning multiple federal contracts.


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There are two types of strategies for pursuing federal contracts – reactive and proactive.

Reactive Companies...

wait to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

For example, reactive companies wait to be told by FedBizOpps to submit a quote or proposal, when to submit it by, and exactly what they want submitted.

Companies that employ a reactive strategy in pursuing government contracts encounter the highest levels of cost and competition, with the lowest success rates.

Proactive Companies...

research, plan and execute targeted marketing strategies.

As a result, proactive companies better control their costs, reduce / eliminate competition, and have higher success rates.

Below, you’ll find a Simple Plan to Win Government Contracts, designed for the proactive federal contractor.

The Simple, Proactive Plan to Win Government Contracts

Figure out exactly who in the federal government is most likely to buy from you.

Identify Your Target Audience

There are specific people within specific locations in the federal government buying the products and services you sell from companies just like yours. The first step in selling to the government is to identify who is doing the buying.

FedBiz Access conducts customized target market research that uses a proprietary formula (including industry codes, keywords, market data, trends analysis and forecast reports) to specifically identify the individuals within the federal government that are most likely to buy what you sell in the future.

Step 1

Get Prepared to Meet Them

Before meeting your potential buyers, you want to ensure you’re ready. Most federal buyers are risk-averse. They want to be confident they are working with a company that is responsive to their needs, understands their environment, and provides the value they are seeking.

During the introductory stages of engagement, federal buyers first look for reasons to disqualify you, then reasons to consider you.

FedBiz Access will ensure your company shines during this initial evaluation period.

Step 2

To Find the "Right One", Introduce Yourself to Everyone

Somewhere within your group of potential buyers is the buyer that is looking for you right now. Because of the size of the federal government, your list of potential buyers may include hundreds or even thousands of people. Some of these people will never buy from you. Some might buy from you. Some would probably buy from you. There’s a good chance that there is at least one person in the group that not only would buy from you but is looking for someone exactly like you to buy from right now.

There will be another one tomorrow, and the next day.

The only way to ensure you are on the radar of your perfect buyer is to introduce yourself to all your potential buyers. FedBiz Access executes that introduction for you, and helps you refine your list from “could buy” to “will buy”.

Step 3

Turn the Right Introduction into a Sale


FedBiz Access will provide the specific guidance you need to turn connections into relationships and relationships into sales.

The connection
turns into a sale.

Step 4

Here are some recent examples of Matchmaker results.

Proof is in the pudding, Click on these images to view in full screen.

Private Consultation With Former Federal Contracting Officer

Personal One on One consulting with an accomplished federal contracting officer

John Taylor

Former Federal Contracting Officer

"In my years as a federal contracting officer, I learned invaluable lessons about what it takes for businesses to succeed in the federal market.

"I believe success requires a foundation that is equal parts business and relationships. In other words, you must have both a strong commercial business and have developed strong relationships with key people in the federal market before you can enjoy consistent and sustained success as a federal contractor.

"For these reasons, I wholly endorse the FedBiz Access Matchmaker concept.

"FedBiz Access focuses on making sure your company is prepared to engage, then assists you through each step of identifying your target audience and cultivating the right relationships with the right people.

"I believe in this process so much, I am now partnering with FedBiz Access to assist clients in turning these valuable contacts into valuable contracts."

John Taylor is a ...

  • Former Federal Contracting Officer
  • Contract Specialist
  • Contract Administrator
  • Billing Official
  • Chief Contract/Acquisition Administrator
  • Chief Negotiator
  • Assistant Technology Instructor
  • Campaign Committee Spokesman
  • Logistics and Supply Inventory Manager
  • Logistics instructor

Hours can be applied to any of the following strategies:*

Proposal Management

  • Create a compelling case for your company
  • Effectively structure your proposal content
  • Deliver proposals with confidence

Experience-Drive Consultation

  • Get answers to your most difficult questions
  • Contextually-appropriate responses
  • Relevant insights based on real life experience

Relationship Management

  • Effectively manage expectations
  • Avoid frustration and early termination
  • Ensure successful contract performance

Contract Management

  • Interpret and respond to CO requests
  • Leverage effective negotiation tactics
  • Identify what to concede and what to defend

* The Matchmaker Premium package includes 5 hours (valued at $500) with John Taylor at HF Consulting. Depending on scope of work required by Client, additional fees may be required. Client will discuss fees and services with Mr. Taylor

Matchmaker Packages

FedBiz Access takes the guess work out of government contracting

Every package includes the required services to win ANY Government Contract:

Federal System for Award Management (SAM) Accounting Record

We ensure your company’s SAM record is complete, competitive, and visible. This gives a government buyer confidence in contracting with your company.

SBA Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Marketing Record

We ensure your company’s DSBS record includes all the necessary elements to stand out and be found when government buyers are searching the database for a company like yours.

Enhanced Commercial Online Presence

One of the most important (yet overlooked) elements of a successful federal contractor is the existence of a strong commercial presence. Our strategy improves the consistency and visibility of your commercial business online.

Custom-Designed Email Campaign

One of our core competencies is email marketing and communication. In the last 6 years, our company has sent over 50 million emails to companies and government buyers. We put that experience to work for you.

Custom Target Market Research

The FedBiz Access team conducts customized market research to identify the specific people within the federal government that are most likely to contract with your company.

Small Business Specialist Team

As a FedBiz Access Matchmaker client, you’ll be assigned a team of specialists in data analysis, marketing, compliance and strategic support to ensure your company is positioned to compete for and win contracts.

Federal Connection


Federal Matchmaker


What’s Included


System for Award Management (SAM)RenewedOptimized
Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)RenewedOptimized
FedBizDirectorySelf-Verified Full AccessFBA Verified Access & Support


Target Market ResearchSub or PrimeSub & Prime
Market Intel AccessNot IncludedIncluded


Email Set-UpIncludedIncluded
Emails SentMonthlyWeekly
Engagement StrategyIncludedIncluded
Online Commercial VisibilityNot IncludedIncluded


FBA Small Business Specialist SupportNot IncludedIncluded
Contracting Officer SupportNot IncludedIncluded




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