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We simplify your business online visibility.

The fastest, easiest way to control your company profile in a centralized place while getting connected to Prime Contractors and Contracting Officers.


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FedBiz Directory Self Verified Profile

Self Verification Business Listings PROVIDES Real People with Real Results.

Anyone viewing your FedBizProfile can immediately see a brief explanation of your company’s core competencies.
This feature makes the FedBizDirectory a desirable resource for Contracting Officers and Prime Contractors evaluating multiple companies.

Federal Visibility Search in FedBiz Directory

Business Visibility in FedBiz Directory.

The FedBiz Access team has established connections with over 250,000 federal buyers, contractors and businesses in the federal market. As we direct this audience to the FedBizDirectory for their market research needs, your enhanced visibility as a member will result in increased exposure.

Spotlight Listing Position
in Search Results

FedBizAccess-Verified members receive the distinction of having their profile “spotlighted” whenever a search matching their profile characteristics is conducted. FBA-Verified profiles are spotlighted because they meet all the criteria our audience is looking for.

Upload Company Logo and Contracting Related Files

Use your company brand to help you stand out from the competition, and reference your commercial or federal work history to instill confidence that your company has the experience and ability our audience is looking for.

Add Company Keywords
to Business Profile

The most natural way people search online is through keywords. By adding keywords to your business profile in FedBiz Directory, you ensure that your company is included in the most relevant searches conducted by federal buyers and Prime Contractors.

Display Confirmed Points of Contact

Your FedBizProfile includes contact information that has been time and date stamped as verified and accurate. This gives the person viewing your profile confidence that they won’t be wasting time sending emails to a non-existent address or calling a wrong number.

Does Your Business Accept SmartPay?

Your FedBizProfile includes GSA Smartpay identification which let's federal buyers know which type of GSA Smartpay options you accept.

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Self Verified Business Profile


  • Import Registered SAM and DSBS Business Information
  • Mark Credit Card Payments (GSA Smart Pay)
  • Mark Availability for Federal Search
  • Mark Availability for Prime Contracting Opportunities
  • Mark Availability for Sub Contracting Opportunities
  • Upload Business Logo
  • Upload Capability Statement
  • Optimized FedBizDirectory Profile
  • Add Points of Contact
  • Add Social Media Links